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COVID19: Mosquito Control is Still Here For You!

COVID-19 has changed the way many organizations operate, including mosquito control. Rest assured that our staff is committed to public health during this difficult time.

While we have temporarily paused in-person programs such as school visits, property inspections and attendance at local fairs and festivals, we are still working hard to stop mosquitoes.

We are in your communities tackling mosquitoes and monitoring the diseases they carry. As long as conditions are safe for our staff, mosquitoes will not have a biting chance.

Technician treating a drain for mosquitoes


But we need your help!

Use this time at home to bite back against mosquitoes:

  • Tip out stagnant water
  • Toss any unused containers around your property.
  • Protect yourself with repellent if you are spending time outdoors

Do you need to submit a tip about a public source that may have mosquito issues? Contact us!

We are in this together. Let’s stay healthy and bite-free.

And if you see any of our staff in the field, be sure to practice social distancing, and feel free to thank them for their hard work during these uncertain times.